Project Cargo Summit 2018 will bring together the international project cargo community

Tobias Pieffers
Editor Project Cargo and Offshore

Project Cargo Summit 2018 on 12th and 13th of September in Rotterdam will bring together all international project cargo experts. It is a new, fresh and ambitious business fair and conference to share the latest insights and developments on project cargo. It is located near the biggest breakbulk ports in the world: Antwerp, Zeeland, Amsterdam and Rotterdam (host location).

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Project Cargo Summit 2018 will provide:

Who is Project Cargo Summit 2018 for?

Main Partners

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Project Cargo

One of the most complex and profitable parts of transport and logistics is that of project cargo. Project Cargo Breakbulk is too big, heavy or complex to fit in a standardized 20 or 40 ft container. That’s why it has to be shipped in specialised transport forms, for instance in a special chartered ship or truck. Sometimes there is a possibility to place the cargo on top of the containers. There are many possibilities, but it’s always a special fit solution.

Project Cargo Conference

The backbone of the Project Cargo Summit is the conference. During the conference high level speakers and delegates will meet and discuss the latest market developments, trends and innovations on project cargo.


  • Offshore Project Cargo
  • Tech trends: self-driving freight vehicles
  • Future developments: the project cargo market of 2050
  • Aircargo: full-freighter availability
  • Mergers and acquisitions − how to maintain your specialism(s)
  • Lifting and towing
  • Business & Strategy: winning tenders
  • Project Cargo Shippers Top-50

Advisory board:

  • Susan Oatway, Drewry Maritime Research
  • Ton Klijn, chairman ESTA
  • Bart Kuipers, seaports and logistics adviser EUR
  • Richard Krabbendam, heavy lift specialist, Krabbendam Advies service
  • Jos Masselink, project cargo expert
  • Marcel Verhagen, maritime lawyer, Dock – Legal Experts

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Perry Pieete
Business Development Manager

Project Cargo Summit 2018 will cover an exhibition where all suppliers will show their latest innovations and products. The exhibition offers a fresh approach to B2B-networking, in-depth information, business opportunities and a excellent networking experience.

What is there to see?

  • Market developments
  • Case studies
  • Supply chain innovations
  • Shipping solutions (rail, road, river and sea)
  • Service products of terminal operators
  • New offshore centers
  • Innovative project cargo solutions
  • Tools and equipment for heavy lift and crane operations
  • Cost management solutions
  • And many more

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Would you like to improve your knowledge on current market developments and future trends on project cargo? Join the workshop programme at Project Cargo Summit 2018 with in-depth information on the latest innovations.

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Networking dinner

The whole international project cargo community will gather at the networking dinner. Also, this is a great networking opportunity for informal and direct contact with each other.

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Location: Rotterdam

Project Cargo Summit 2018 will be held at the authentic location Onderzeebootloods (Submarine Yard) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The hall where submarines slipped off the ramp in earlier days, is now event space for up to 5,000 visitors. The Onderzeebootloods, having recently been renovated, has retained its raw and industrial character. The entire surface area is approx. 4,400 m2. Besides a parking lot behind the hall, it also offers modern facilities and the hall’s layout is flexible. Spido, the Waterbus and Watertaxi Rotterdam, all offer sufficient opportunities for fast and efficient transport of large groups.

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